NOAM, Women 26″ Classic Pink Road and Beach Cruiser. Starting at $11/Hr

Constructed for fashionable function, the sturdy steel frame smartly uses precision craftsmanship with CruzFit geometric technology for an ergonomic ride that allows you to comfortably sit upright while pedaling with proper posture, enhanced by the exact angling of the seat from the handlebars. The superior Touch Point package also means that every place you connect with the bicycle emphasizes tactile comfort. This includes a premium embroidered padded spring saddle as well as dual-density grips and pedals. And where the bike contacts the ground, it also produces a more enjoyable experience for the rider. The wide whitewall tires are less prone to punctures, while improving the bike's stability and smooth ride. Likewise, 40mm alloy rims with 12-gauge spokes and 70mm hubs add even greater wheel strength. But the large tires aren't likely to get you gritty, thanks to the heavy-duty flared fenders over both wheels that will keep you clean and dry.

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